Still not dead

2016-10-04 01:27:15 by CantorMusic

So I'm not dead but this account is. Go follow me at

I'm using NG as a means of collaboration versus publishing. That will stay pretty much exclusivley on my bandcamp ( ) and on, a new music service that I highly suggest you guys check out, beacuse once it's up and running, it'll kick ass.



Can Tor.


P.S. Also, Can Tor as an alias is dead, not just this page. References to old computer companies is where it's at. Not boring old Latin.

Keeping you up to date.

2014-12-28 04:04:54 by CantorMusic

I have a recorder picked out to buy so I can actually record some quality music, or even lend my voice to animations, etc. Also, I have a song in the writing phase, so that's always good. My main problem of not being able to get drum beats for songs is solved. My friend Alex ( ) is making me drum beats. If you know someone who needs instrumentals (hip hop or otherwise) hit him up. Tell him Cantor sent you.

I swear guys, I'm not dead.

2014-12-01 19:28:02 by CantorMusic

I don't even know if anyone reads these, but in case they do, just letting you know that I am NOT dead. A couple of things happened since last time. One is Quest is eradicated. Another is that I got a bass so when I actually get around to recording music, I can have an actuall bass instead of using my guitar as one. I have a song in the works, and I'll post the demo here when I'm done with it.

Also, I'm almost to 10 fans, which I know isn't a lot. BUT, for someone who just uploaded a couple of snippets and to get fans just from them hearing my music is amazing. Thanks guys.

Updates, Updates, and more Updates.

2014-05-28 19:39:00 by CantorMusic

Alright, there is a bunch of things new here. So, let's start smallest to biggest.

ONE: I've uploaded a snippet of what I would like to evolve into a whole ablum of a gypsy jazz song. Find it here.

TWO: Once I've released my self titled album, it will be split onto two labels: UnderDark Music (founded by Demo Demon) and Quest Records.

THREE: I'm in a band! It's a power metal duo called MYSTA, and we're working on two singles right now.

FOUR: The other dude from MYSTA and I have created our own collective/label of all the personas we make music under called Quest Records. So for now, Cantor and Mysta are the only current personas. I hope to launch my third project sometime later.

So there you have it. What I've been up to since my last update.


2014-05-08 19:15:46 by CantorMusic

Alright, well, I have a couple of new things coming around. Songs for my album are going well. 3 written and I just need to find collabs, etc. Also, I am starting a power metal band with my friend called "Mysta". So, lots to come. Stay tuned!

New song

2014-01-11 23:10:40 by CantorMusic

Well, I decided to show you guys a little improv to get a hint of what the solos will be like on my album when it comes out. Expect a lot of different styles, with a lot of different singers. So, you can decide if it's any good or not. Share, embed, favorite, download, or just listen.

Welcome, and album hint

2013-12-31 02:25:20 by CantorMusic

Hello, and welcome to NewGrounds page! There isn't much at this point, but as time goes on, music WILL be added. But I have no idea when. So stay tuned! Also, I have released the art for my debut album that comes out sometime whenever. Not quite sure when. BUT I will say that it will have a variety of genres, and many features.