I swear guys, I'm not dead.

2014-12-01 19:28:02 by CantorMusic

I don't even know if anyone reads these, but in case they do, just letting you know that I am NOT dead. A couple of things happened since last time. One is Quest is eradicated. Another is that I got a bass so when I actually get around to recording music, I can have an actuall bass instead of using my guitar as one. I have a song in the works, and I'll post the demo here when I'm done with it.

Also, I'm almost to 10 fans, which I know isn't a lot. BUT, for someone who just uploaded a couple of snippets and to get fans just from them hearing my music is amazing. Thanks guys.


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2014-12-02 20:39:46

Glad to hear you're not dead on Newgrounds yet.



2014-12-06 11:26:18

So many undead Newgrounds users. :P