Updates, Updates, and more Updates.

2014-05-28 19:39:00 by CantorMusic

Alright, there is a bunch of things new here. So, let's start smallest to biggest.

ONE: I've uploaded a snippet of what I would like to evolve into a whole ablum of a gypsy jazz song. Find it here.

TWO: Once I've released my self titled album, it will be split onto two labels: UnderDark Music (founded by Demo Demon) and Quest Records.

THREE: I'm in a band! It's a power metal duo called MYSTA, and we're working on two singles right now.

FOUR: The other dude from MYSTA and I have created our own collective/label of all the personas we make music under called Quest Records. So for now, Cantor and Mysta are the only current personas. I hope to launch my third project sometime later.

So there you have it. What I've been up to since my last update.


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